Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Craft of the Month - August

August Craft of the Month: Reversible Recipe Card Holder/To Do List Holder.
10% Discount if ordered during the month (An additional 10% discount for group orders of 10+)

2x2 piece of wood cut to 7.5 inches (narrow cut down middle of one side to hold metal)
Sheet Metal cut to 6 x 7 inches (or whatever dimensions you would like)
Vinyl Words (These ones would cost you about 75 cents each.)
Magnets decorated to your liking.

Directions: Cut 2x2 to 7.5 inch piece. Saw a small straight line down center of top side to hold metal. Sand all surfaces. Paint to desired color, re-sand off edges for an antique look as displayed above. Apply Vinyl Words in the center of opposite sides. I recommend spraying down block with a clear coat protective finish, but it is not necessary.
Cut Metal to specified size. Most home repair stores will cut the metal for you if you are buying it from them. (I didn't have tin snips, so I used our drive way to round the edges of the metal a little bit.)
Decorate Magnets: I used paper flowers that I bought from Hobby Lobby, and some brads and ribbon that I already had. Other ideas would be to use little wooden stars or flowers that you can buy pre-painted from your local craft store, buttons, felt flowers, marbles, painted rocks, etc. Hot Glue to magnets, or magnetic strips. Be Creative and Have Fun!

Total Cost should be no more than $3.00-4.00 depending on what prices you can get your supplies for. (I used 40% off coupons for the flowers and magnets, and I split the cost of the wood with a few friends, making the wood piece only about 25 cents.)

If interested: Talk to me about magnets, flowers, paint, wood, and sheet metal, because I have left overs that I would be willing to sell for super cheap!

Metal: $1.25
Wood: 25 cents
Magnets: 15 cents/each (undecorated)
Vinyl: 75 cents each side Sale Price: 10% off Vinyl

Kit: $3.30 (plus shipping)
Final Project: $5.00 (plus shipping)

Happy Crafting everyone!


Boys Room

Give Thanks


Shower Gift

Front Door


Customizable to fit any size canisters or style, could adhere to glass, ceramic, or plastic.


Stars and Stripes

This is just a 2x4 cut down into 3 pieces, painted, and then a little toothpick streamy thing, and a hanger with 3 little pieces of a wooden dowel glued on to it. Super easy and fun for July!


This is really easy to do. Buy a really cheap frame, paint if necessary, and apply vinyl to the glass of the picture, secure glass in frame with nothing behind it. So Cute and Fun.

Wall Words

Bad picture, small Laundry room... but it is really cute when you see it.

Metal Signage

FHE Boards